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BLOCKS . TANKS . BOMBS or simply BTB, is a submission to the #ue4summerjam based on the theme "The other side of the Coin". How BTB interprets the theme is based on the figurative essence of the phrase,  the game itself is a tank shooting game but the very core mechanic of shooting has the 'other side" to it so to say, that it is detrimental to your own progress and odds of survival since the bombs so spawned destroy the very floor on which you have to survive.

Game Rules

-The game is divided into three rounds of incrementally higher difficulty, your objective is to survive all three rounds.

-Blocks slowly come raining down and convert to bombs on contact with the floor.

-If a bomb directly lands on you then you loose health, otherwise you can push bombs off the floor by ramming into them. You can also shoot the falling blocks to disarm them.

-AI tanks are constantly shooting at you whether you want to eliminate them or live with them is up to you.


W,A,S,D to move around and left mouse button to shoot at the given marker location.


SrijanRana_BlocksTanksBombs.zip 189 MB

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